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Elusive Auto Insurance Cards? Smartphones to the Rescue!

Providing proof of insurance when stopped by a police officer is the law, but finding those elusive Auto ID cards can sometimes be a challenge.

​​Our new Mobile App puts your Auto ID cards in the palm of your hand 24/7!

Your insurance card must be presented to an officer upon request and, if it isn’t, you may be issued a traffic citation. If convicted of driving uninsured there are even stiffer penalties, with a minimum fine of $500.

Even if you have the physical insurance cards, it is a good idea to have access to a virtual insurance card. Illinois law allows electronic identification cards to serve as proof of vehicle insurance. Compass Insurance Partners customers can access their auto ID cards electronically through our mobile app or online customer portal. 

This means that your automobile insurance information is just as mobile as you are. The law even includes the assurance that officers cannot consider presenting your insurance ID card as implied consent to search the contents of your phone, which protects you from sharing anything else on your phone other than your proof of insurance. Plus, you don’t have to worry anymore about looking for that little card under pressure, napkins and CDs flying, as you rifle through the depths of the, oh-so-convenient, glove compartment.

Almost all states accept electronic proof of insurance, with the exceptions of Connecticut, New Mexico, and Washington D.C.  Regardless, when traveling out of state, it is wise to have access to the paper copies.  We are still more than happy to provide copies of printed ID cards and our companies still mail printed copies for our customers who prefer them. 

Compass Insurance Partners offers the small town service that our customers value AND the perks of companies in larger markets.

Offering electronic auto ID cards is just one more way that we are making your insurance information more convenient and accessible. Don’t wait until you’re pulled over and frantically looking for that insurance card. Download the Compass Insurance Partners app on your smartphone today!