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State of Illinois Now Requires All Employers To Provide Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

In response to the #MeToo movement, Illinois lawmakers passed new legislation this spring requiring all state officials, employees and lobbyists to go through anti-sexual harassment training on an annual basis. Employers in Illinois would be required to train their employees on an annual basis as well. Employers that fail to comply will be required to pay fines.

The bill would require the state to create a harassment training program and make it available to employers for free online. In addition,a free supplemental training would have to be available specifically for the restaurant and bar industry and tipped employees.

Employer Requirements & Restrictions

  • Private employers of all sizes would be required to provide anti-sexual harassment training to all employees annually.
  • Employers would also be restricted from requiring workers to sign non-disclosure or arbitration agreements related to harassment or discrimination.
  • Beginning July 1, 2020, employers would also be required to report to the state any adverse rulings or judgments against them for harassment or discrimination. Employers who don’t report their cases to the state, or don’t train their employees could be fined, under the measure.


Employers who don’t follow the law would face varying penalties based on their size.

Employers with fewer than four employees would be hit with a fine of up to $500 for the first infraction, up to $1,000 for the second and up to $3,000 for offenses after that.

Employers with more than four employees would face fines of up to $1,000 for the first offense, $3,000 for the second and up to $5,000 for individual offenses after that.

You can learn more about the legislation here: In response to #MeToo, state lawmakers approved sweeping legislation to fight sexual harassment in Illinois