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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Get Coverage for Holiday Hazards

Over the river and through the woods…trips to see Grandparents and friends and family are among the most memorable parts of the holidays. Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Games, snacks, songs, gas stations, fighting over the music selection, “He’s bothering me!” and “Are we there yet?”

OK. Let’s be real. These road trips come with their own challenges and safety on the roads is not the least of these. Several factors make traveling during the holidays especially hazardous.

Crowded Highways

Travel increases by 23% on average, with even higher percentages on peak travel days, during the period between Thanksgiving and New Years and around 91% of that long-distance travel is in a personal vehicle.  That means there are a lot more people on the roads, increasing the potential for accidents.

Younger Travelers

During this holiday period, the average traveler is also younger, reflecting the phenomenon of families traveling together. 

This easily leads to distracted drivers–as anyone who has ever traveled with a two-year-old can attest. While your child may peacefully sleep for the entire journey (Lord willing!), you can be sure that other drivers on the road will be dealing with fights over iPads and snack distribution.

Having children in the vehicle also increases the stress if you do have a vehicle problem. A car that needs a jumpstart feels like a much bigger problem when you have cold, hungry kids in the backseat.


Weather is also predictably inclement during December and January for much of the country. Snow and ice storms can negatively influence holiday travel and contribute to accidents no matter how well-maintained your vehicle or how skilled your driving.

Coverage You Need

Aside from forgoing the family celebrations and staying home, there isn’t much you can do about these risks. However, having the right insurance can give you the tools you need to deal with issues that may arise in your holiday travels.

  • Appropriate vehicle insurance. The details of this are dependent upon the type of vehicle and its regular use. Make sure to sit down with a professional to review your policy prior to your trip.
  • Roadside Assistance: Whether it’s a flat tire, a mechanical problem, or just running out of gas, having Roadside Assistance Coverage makes these little travel hiccups that might otherwise derail your holiday travels, manageable. Help is only a phone call away and that is invaluable, especially when you’re far away from home.
  • Car Rental/Transportation Expense. Being in an accident that puts your car out of commission while on vacation has the potential to be expensive. After all, if you’ve traveled out of town you probably don’t have a second car to use while your vehicle is being repaired. Rental reimbursement/extended transportation expenses coverage might pay for those extra expenses if your car is damaged in a covered accident.

That trip to Grandma’s house should be memorable for all of the right reasons…none of them relating to a car accident. Making sure you have the appropriate coverage puts your mind at ease and helps you get back to what matters…celebrating the season with those you love.

To review your policies before the holiday travel season, give your Compass Insurance Partners agent a call!