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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policies

Your employee is out late on Thursday night. Friday morning he falls and is seriously injured. Even though you are convinced he is hung over and likely still drunk, absent a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy, conducting a post-incident drug and alcohol test is likely to set yourself up for a lawsuit.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, let Compass help you implement a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy today! 

According to the US Surgeon General, nearly 21 million Americans are living with a substance use disorder.

Not only does employee drug & alcohol use contribute to workplace injuries, it has a significant effect on a business’s bottom line. Employees with drug and/or alcohol abuse problems have a significantly higher absenteeism (nearly 50% more than their peers) and their productivity is greatly reduced.

So what can you do about it?

Implement a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy

Establishing a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy is an employer’s most effective tool to prevent the negative consequences of drug & alcohol use in the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Policies set expectations and consequences for post-offer, random, reasonable cause, & post-incident drug testing. These policies ensure that all employees are treated equally and that an employer is able to protect his or her business from the negative consequences related to employee drug & alcohol use.

Customers of Compass Insurance Partners have access to a complete Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy, Poster Templates, Local Screening Resources, & State of Illinois Employment Law summaries related to Workplace Drug & Alcohol screening.

Give your agent a call today to get help setting up your Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy today.